Thursday, September 11, 2008

If you're well enough to promote your album, you're well enough to go on stage

Oasis have pulled their planned "intimate" gig for New York tomorrow night as Noel attempts to recover from the attack. However, the band are going to go ahead with a push for the new album:

Oasis will teach a crew of 30 New York City street musicians songs from their new album Dig Out Your Soul. After their lesson, the buskers (who all have gigs in subway and train stations as part of a Metropolitan Transit Authority program) will fan out across the city and perform three songs — “The Turning,” “Bag it Up” and “(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady” — for the first time, as well as single “The Shock of the Lightning.”

This sounds to us like Noel is adopting Saddam Hussein's approach of having a large number of lookalikes fanning out around town in order to confuse potential attackers.

Scientists will be watching the stunt carefully; they figure the spreading of Oasis songs through a large city will give them insight into how a virulent disease might canter through an urban population.