Monday, September 29, 2008

This interview is over

Not getting enough respect, part one: Boy George cut short an interview when he was asked, not unreasonably, if Culture Club split because he loved the drugs more than the band:

[Smooth Radio presenter Tony] Lyman tells CMU Music, "We were doing the interview via a studio link and I thought we'd got off to a good start. Boy George was giving some very honest answers. But then the air went dead, never a good thing in radio, and I realised he'd gone."

Apparently George didn't think it was worth it to plug his new dancing bear show on Living TV.


Anonymous said...

Smooth Radio?! Walking out of an interview on SMOOTH RADIO?!?! Crikey, my mum listens to Smooth Radio. It must take a skipful of effort to be offended by anything that happens on Smooth Radio. It's like shouting at a decorator for using a shade of magnolia that was 'a bit full-on'.

Good job they didn't get to the question about "Now, your new reality show, I saw a bit of your last series where you lived on that lovely old paddle-steamer and caught the chap cheating at cards..."

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