Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Collateral damage: Manda Rin jinxed by Sachs suspensions

As the perplexing over-reaction to the Brand/Ross phonecall show continues to gather pace, it's the innocents what suffer. Manda Rin had gone through the Never Mind The Buzzcocks line-up round torture to help push My DNA but - because Brand is a guest on the programme, it cannot now be shown and the episode is being sealed in lead and buried in a deep storage unit under the Lake District.


Anonymous said...

OH FOR FU... GOODNESS SAKE! I censored my swearing just in case any Mail readers were passing by and tried to get google to close you down and cut off another of the few places advertising the brilliant My DNA.

Laura Brown said...


Ross & Brand aren't in trouble for offending Mail readers with the F-word, they're in trouble because they abused their position to harass and bully a 78-year-old man who had done nothing to provoke such abuse. While the public response to the incident has certainly been out of proportion, the BBC did not overreact by suspending the presenters: most of us could expect similar treatment if we seemed to have committed a criminal offence at work.

I can see why the BBC, having suspended Brand, wouldn't want to turn around and immediately broadcast a show featuring him, especially since some viewers seem not to understand that programmes are recorded in advance. It's a shame for the other guests that they won't get to plug their projects, but that's an occupational hazard of being an entertainer. The BBC has no duty to help peddle their wares, and if their publicity hinges on one quiz show appearance then they need to get a new agent.

Anonymous said...

blimey, it's like a 1950's PMQ's in here...

Henrietta! Fetch my boiled sweets!

Justin Fun said...

But on the plus side... Lesley Douglas has gone!

I'm going to put my head in the sand and believe that this means that 6music will instantly revert to its 2006 lineup.

Laura Brown said...

Bizarrely, the report on 6music news this evening only referred to Douglas as the head of Radio 2 ...

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