Saturday, October 04, 2008

Embed and breakfast man: PJ Harvey

Frankly, there's no good reason why every weekend shouldn't be crammed with video action from Polly Jean Harvey and her confusingly-titled PJ Harvey band, is there? She was doing topless NME covers while Beth Ditto was still eating squirrel fricassee - and with an actual point to make, too. She was sat in Washington on September 11th, 2001, being told by phone that the judges had decided she was the winner of the Mercury Music Prize. She's even worked with one of the Chesterfields. More than this, though, she's one of the most consistently interesting and engaging British musicians of the last forty years. This weekend, then, it's all about the Harvey.

I wish I could pretend the timing was intentional, to celebrate her birthday coming up this week. But it isn't. That's just a coincidence.

Let's start out with Rid Of Me, captured at the Sydney leg of the Big Day Out in 2001:

Official site
Last FM
Fan site
Island Records site

4 Track Demos
Rid Of Me
Rid Of Me: The 33 1/3 series guide to the album
Please Leave Quietly - Live DVD

More videos across the weekend
C'mon Billy on Top Of The Pops
Shame on Jonathan Ross
Send His Love To Me live at Glastonbury, 1995
Down By The Water live in Moscow, 2008
Henry Lee with Nick Cave on The White Room
Broken Homes with Tricky on Letterman
Taut with John Parish on Later With Jools Holland
Grow Grow Grow live on French TV

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