Sunday, October 12, 2008

Embed and breakfast man: Rolo Tomassi

Something of a shift in gears from yesterday's Chris TT extravangza, as we turn from southern singer-songwriters to northern indie-punk, and Sheffield's Rolo Tomassi.

Apparently some sort of mix of sponsorship and legislation has combined which insists that anything that is liable to polarise opinion has to be described as being "like Marmite", but I don't think that the modern standard of take-it-or-leave-it will cover the effect of being hit by RT.

Splendidly, Wikipedia snorts that, in the wisdom of crowd's opinion, Rolo Tomassi might not be "notable" enough to warrant an entry in their own right. If only they'd named themselves after a character from Star Trek instead of LA Confidential... Oddly, they've managed to get a slot at the Electric Proms so not that obscure, then.

So, if you're going to enjoy: enjoy. If not... probably best to not hit play.

This is Fofteen, at Beyond Retro, in 2007:

Rolo Tomassi around the web
Official blog
Wikipedia (assuming they're considered important enough to remain)
Last FM

Hysterics - the first proper album, released last month
(By the way, Amazon have erroneously listed Rollo Tomassi - a different band entirely - and He Who Holds You under Rolo Tomassi's entry.)

More video across the day
Fuck The Pleasantries; Hiroshima 8.16
Camden Crawl live

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