Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gothobit: Gidget Gein

Gidget Gein, former bassist with Marilyn Manson's band, has died from an apparent heroin overdose.

Gein had been an early member of Manson's The Spooky Kids and arguably brought more of his style to the Manson look than Brian Warner. However, the former Bradley Anne Stewart also had a serious drug problem. After an overdose, the supposedly fearless Manson capitulated to management and record company demands and sent a FedEx dismissal letter to his former friend.

His next step was to form The Dali Gaggers, who built a following on the New York glumcore scene, but never broke through into the lunchbox-eyeliner market in the way his former band did.

Gein returned to Florida, picking up work dealing with dead bodies for the coroner's office, and using the experience of unexpected death at close quarters to drive further projects - most notably his Gollywood art work, which he started to exhibit in LA after a move in 2004.

According to LA Weekly, he was about to record a new solo album with former Janes Addiction producer Dave Jerden.


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