Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thirty years on: Jacques Brel

Thirty years ago today, a too-short lifetime of smoking caught up with Jacques Brel.

Probably his most famous song would be Ne Me Quitte Pas:

Brel briefing
Belgian website
Last FM
Alastair Campbell - yes, really - on Brel

40 Chansons
Ne Me Quitte Pas
The Olympia 61 & 64

More Brel throughout the day
Les Vieux

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Anonymous said...

The only good English translation is "Don't Leave" by Momus, when he went back to the source. "If You Go Away" is a travesty - I actually prefer Terry Jacks' version (his follow-up to *that* Brel-destroying monstrosity) to that by Scott Walker, because at least with Jacks you don't expect anything but schmaltz.

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