Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Will Anything Happen again?

Cherry Red - who, let's face it, would probably get National Lottery funding if they put the care they bring to looking after indie heritage into any other artform - are about to re-release The Shop Assistant's mighty Will Anything Happen?

In a mini celebration, here's the first of two posts featuring the album's highlights. I Don't Want To Be Friends With You:

[Enjoy Safety Net as well]


Anonymous said...

Ooh, spooky! On Monday I was telling some lovely people from Nottingham that they would hugely enjoy the Shoppies LP but that it would most likely set them back a couple of hundred quid so this news is very serendipitously timed.

Anonymous said...

I loved this band so it's sad to have to disagree about the 'mighty' description of the album. As a live band they were magnificent but only played short sets so maybe they were struggling to come up with enough songs for a full-length LP. Too many tracks sound like filler.

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