Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bono & boys bounce beared bloke's bits back

The vague prospect that there might be something interesting on U2's new album - the collaboration between the band and Rick Rubin - has come to nothing:

Guitarist The Edge said the Irish four-piece scrapped early sessions with the renowned knob-twiddler because it did not suit the band's style of recording.

"We actually laid all that stuff to one side. Really out of deference to Rick and that set of songs we just said, OK, that’s that, and we drew a line," explained the guitarist. "So none of the Rick material went into this project. Everything has been written subsequently."

Instead, then, it's more Eno-Lanois stuff as per usual, which is easier to churn out and seems to get lapped up, so why try any harder, huh?


Anonymous said...

U2 don't try hard enough, Muse try too hard! Come on, you can't have it both ways ...

Anonymous said...

PS .. they're both shit

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

You don't think it's possible for a band to do interesting things without deliberately creating an over-elaborate approach and then telling everyone how clever they've been?

Anonymous said...

Is adding some orcehstral flourishes to a rock song over elaborate? I'm not a Muse fan but I read that NME guff in an entirely different way. It seemed to me more like Bellamy admitting that he'd struggled writing the string section for 'Whatever 2.0' but didn't want to get someone else in to do it for him. Not bragging but rather apologising about it not being finished yet. Have Muse fans heard him boring on about this song before?

Also, I might well be wrong but I honestly think the use of "symphony" is just because Bellamy didn't know how else to describe a tediously long rock dirge with added strings, rather than because he's trying to position himself as the heir to Mahler.

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