Sunday, November 16, 2008

Embed and Breakfast man: Sunday At The Mill

It's the point during days off ill of highest risk: by the time Pebble Mill At One came round, your mother would be alert to signs of not feeling so ill any more and a fitness to attend the afternoon session at school.

Like most long-running, high-episode shows, the need to fill the music guest slot day-in, day-out meant the researchers would be forced to move outside the usual comfort zone of their audience and so you'd sometimes see unexpected guest appearances. Not Scraping Foetus Off A Wheel unexpected, but unexpected nevertheless. Aztec Camera rather than Des O'Connor.

It was less true by the time of the later 1990s Pebble Mill (not "at One") revival, though, when the series was more self-consciously trying to hip itself up to reflect its return to a daytime schedule which now traveled on the back of Neighbours.

Sadly, it's "embedding disabled by request" for the Janice Long show session favourites Westworld doing Silver Mac. It's a real pity, as all the elements are here: pointless shots of the band performing, long-lens stylee, from outside the asbestos-riddled Birmingham HQ of the BBC; and a bored-looking audience sat in seats whose handrails give the impression of something between veal heading for slaughter and the world's worst rollercoaster.

Even more sad is that Ted Chippington's appearance on the show - uncomfortable might be the kindest description - has been purged from everywhere it appears.

So, let's start with Morrissey's trip to Brum, sitting through Paul Coia's polite but forensic music book review segement ("some captions have been mislabelled, but the good thing is it shows the new, sophisticated Lionel Richie"):

A couple more visits to Pebble Mill coming up today
The Colourfield


Olive said...

Never heard that before- was that before or after Sonic Boom Boy?

Simon said...

Curiously, the Chippington clip embedded some time ago elsewhere has been taken down by the copyright holder. Which is odd, as there's quite a bit of Ted on YouTube (as well as a Fugazi live video that comes up if you put his name in) and Pebble Mill At One clips that have been online for a year or more.

Five Star's tour of the building is clearly the best one there, mind.

Tim F said...

I know, I know! It was a live version of 'Handsome Devil'! Can I have my signed loot now?

Oh, bums.

Is Morrissey trying to avoid eye-contact with Coia's jumper, scared he might get sucked into some sort of synthetic knitwear vortex?

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