Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vanilla Ice: His DJ revolves it, don't you know?

Having been a figure of everyone else's fun for a decade or so, you might almost find it in your heart to forgive Vanilla Ice for trying to make a few quid off his reputation for himself.

But, oh dear: Not like this, Van Winkle, not like this:

Now Ice is taking us back, with a new album called Vanilla Ice is Back! Hip Hop Classics containing 4 new versions of the song that made the world sing as well as 10 covers of classic 90’s hits from House of Pain’s “Jump Around” to Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power”.

Yes, that's the PR puff for his new album. And, yes, you read that correctly: it's got four versions of Ice Ice Baby - at least four versions more than strictly essential - and that's merely the injury to the insult of him having a crack at Fight The Power.

Fight The Power.

He's promoting the... well, shall we call it a collection to be kind? He's promoting the collection with a series of appearances in bars; presumably the hope is that people will be too drunk to notice.