Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bookmarks: Some stuff to read on the internet - Promotional cycles

Drowned In Sound's Insider column explores how to get your band noticed in a never-ending cycle:

So, with The Brits coming in February (and now the NME Awards as well) to cheer up pretty rotten post-Christmas sales figures, an entire summer of seemingly BBC sponsored festivals taking up June to August to tie in with summer sales promotions and the last gaps in October / November now crammed with the Mercurys / Q / Mojo Awards (obviously grumpy old men buy more music in the darkening autumn months), the New Bands / New Year tie in is just part of a never ending cycle of promotion cooked up by the labels, the retailers and the media to try and remove any possible doubt from the process of selling music which also removes any excitement or scope for revelation.

Given the choice between allowing the public to discover new artists and ramming them down their throats replete with endless quotes from the Jo Whiley / Gennaro Castaldo (you know him, that HMV guy always quoted on any act winning any award as to how the album has gone up 14 billion per cent ‘in store’) axis of evil and actually allowing the fools that make up the potential ‘sales base’ (that’s you by the way) come to their own conclusion, for any marketing department there’s only one winner. It ain’t you, just in case you were wondering