Friday, January 30, 2009

Diddy wanted Danity to push on, grimly

Puff Daddy's attempts to create an urban Spice Girls, Danity Kane, have let him down badly by developing such bitter internal animosities the group shattered. (Which, let's face it, at least shows how successfully he transplanted the Spice Girls model.)

Daddy isn't pleased, explains Dawn Danity:

"Puff's a businessman," she said. "Puff knows what's smart. No matter how much beef you have, [you put it aside] for your business. He knew we have a big fanbase. We got to get this stuff fixed. That's why he kept trying to fix it. We thought everyone was coming back, or at least trying."

Putting aside the beef to keep your business going - advice which is as good for anyone running a saltbeef stand as it is for a pop group. Apart from it being rubbish advice for a pop group, because is there any sight less edifying than people who hate each other trying to dance together?

You've also got to love the idea of P Diddy telling Danity Kane to be professional and not let your music get overshadowed by pointless feuds. It's like getting a lecture on financial probity from the Royal Bank Of Scotland.