Saturday, January 17, 2009

Embed and Breakfast man: Neko Case

With a new album and charity-powered free download all over the place, what better time for a quick trawl through the marvelous Neko Case's solo work?

Case really battered her way into people's minds through her work with the New Pornographers - which was kind of the wrong way round, as the band was meant to be a side project and not a flagship. Still, it did allow people to discover her solo work - both with her Boyfriends backing team, and without. This weekend, we'll just focus on the solo stuff.

Let's start with The Boyfriends in the room. This is Furnace Room Lullaby, which turned up - according to the caption, anyway - on the soundtrack of psychic-crime-busting schlocker The Gift:

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The Tigers Have Spoken
Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

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The Tigers Have Spoken mp3s
Fox Confessor Brings The Flood mp3s
Furnace Room Lullabys mp3s

More videos over the weekend

Things That Scare Me live in Calgary
Middle Cyclone
Favourite live in California
Deep Red Bells live in Park City, Utah
Knock Loud live in London

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Sarah Ditum said...

Thanks for doing a Neko weekend. She's fierce and luminous and makes the most beautiful music of bitterness and loss.

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