Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gordon in the morning: But... but... you're meant to be pretty

Yesterday, Gordon Smart ran one of the leaked year-old pictures from the aborted Hard Candy sessions, and oozed all over it:

I wonder if Lady G will look as good when she hits 50.

Today, he runs one of the leaked pictures from the aborted Hard Candy sessions, and is disgusted:
WHEN I set eyes on this picture of MADONNA yesterday I felt for the first time that I had seen enough of her posing in her undercrackers.

It is the latest photo released to promote Madge’s album Hard Candy, but it’s how I’d promote Saga holidays for the over-50s.

The difference, of course, is that today's picture isn't retouched. Oh, and none of these pictures have been "released to promote" anything, have they, Gordon? They've been leaked. Which is why the picture you're running is un-retouched.
The boys’ observations were a bit more simple... that she looks like the terrifying Zelda from TV’s Terrahawks.

Let's hope, erm, Lady Gaga looks as good when... sorry, what did you say yesterday, Gordon?

Elsewhere, Gordon runs some pointless long-lens shots of Pink in a bikini, concluding somewhat oddly:
Her display is another reason why I’m glad I never had a sister.

Why? Because you'd be worried some creepy pervert would take sneaky pictures of her arse and then sell them to his creepy mates?