Monday, January 26, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Woman wears not-that-skimpy top

The thing about Gordon's piece on Daisy Lowe this morning is not just how tired it is:

Daisy's Lowe-cut top

DAISY LOWE is used to turning heads, not records. But that didn’t stop the party girl showcasing her talent behind the decks at The Plumm bar in New York.

But the top isn't even particularly low-cut. It's like Gordon's doing a tribute to those sketches where Victorian men get all hot and bothered by a glimpse of a naked ankle.

Still, at least there's nothing in the Press Complaints Commission code that says she shouldn't do it. Not like the story about Madonna and Guy's children which seems to be in the paper solely because of the fame of their parents. Given that it's only last week that Madonna was securing her injunction against the Mail to stop it publishing her wedding photos, it's surprising how relaxed she seems to be about the kids having their photos splashed about the papers.