Wednesday, January 07, 2009

NME takes on the Skins

With Channel 4's radio dreams having been cruelly destroyed by outside forces, what will happen to the Skins radio programming produced by the channel?

Fear not, for a brave, new station is offering a berth to ear-support for the third, Skins-goes-Minipops, iteration of the show. NME Radio is launching a not-stretched-out-honest two hour daily Skins outing.

It's probably shrewd of the NME to tie-up with Skins: the last two seasons had a more exciting music policy than the magazine has managed for years. But ten hours in a single week? Isn't this an idea being stretched a little thin?

So, who's going to be in charge? Gemini-like man-twin James Theaker, to judge by the NME website:

'Skins' Radio will feature two new presenters. They are James Theaker, who is a seasoned 'Skins' DJ, having played at all the parties for NME Radio.

Both will take part in the NME Radio Forum tomorrow (January 6) afternoon from 4pm.

It's not clear from this if Theaker is two men inhabiting one body, or some sort of clone of himself. Or, perhaps, that nobody scanned the article before publishing it.