Friday, February 20, 2009

BNP somehow deny being anything to do with their own label

The BNP is somehow upset at the coverage of their record featuring White Cliffs Of Dover. On their website, the right wingers turn into right whingers:

A new range of music CDs acquired by Excalibur has driven the rodent-infested media into a lying frenzy, with at least two dailies publishing stories falsely claiming that the party has ripped off Dame Vera Lynn music to put on an “anti-immigration CD.”
“There is of course no truth to the stories at all,” said Arthur Kemp, new manager of Excalibur. “This is a commercially produced music CD which was issued in March last year by a well-known music publishing house. The BNP had nothing to do with the design or selection of tracks on the album.

“The CD is stocked in Excalibur’s nostalgia section, which contains other albums such as Pistol Packin’ Mamas by The Andrews Sisters; Great Music from the Court of Elizabeth 1; Café de Paris — 50 French Classics; and Canterbury Tales: Chaucer’s World in Words and Music,” Mr Kemp said.

“To allege that this CD is somehow part of an ‘anti-immigration nationalist’ campaign is untrue, invented by an ignorant, malicious and lying media rodent,” he said.

Wow. An ignorant lying media rodent. Blimey.

This does, of course, imply that Excalibur is some sort of independent entity, rather than a BNP fundraising operation - when a previous manager apparently ran off with the some of the takings, the BNP's own website described this as taking money "belonging to the members of the BNP".) It's hard to see how you can be raising funds for the BNP and not endorsing its party line. Which is blocking immigration, offering "voluntary repatriation" and so on.