Saturday, February 28, 2009

Embed and Breakfast man: Joan As Police Woman

It's been too long since I've spent a weekend lobbing videos from a single artist up. This weekend, then, a video-filled tribute to the genius that is Joan As Police Woman.

The great thing about JAPW is that it was (she was?) Joan Wasser's way of organising one side of her life. The great thing about JAPW is that the person-as-band title was a Angie Dickinson reference. The great thing about JAPW is so many things, things like this, Eternal Flame:

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Official website
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Buy and/or download
Download Start of My Heart, free and official
Download Joan As Police Woman mp3s from Amazon
To Survive - CD version
To Survive - mp3 version
Real Life - CD version
Real Life - mp3 version

The Joan As Police Woman weekend videos
Start Of My Heart video
To America live
Flushed Chest in session
Furious live
Fire live
more to come

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Anonymous said...

Isn't she just marvellous? I've seen her perform several times - and boy is she good! Her Songs, her musical skills - I'm really impressed. In fact there's no other album I listened to as often during the past few months as her 2nd (and so far) best LP To Survive. It's a slow grower - but highly recommended!


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