Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Santogold name devalued

There are two Santogolds, you know. Or there were - there was Santogold, who you've probably read about. And Santo Gold, Santo Rigatuso, who was less successful but had been using the name for longer.

Santo Gold was sore about his name being used, sort of, by someone else, and had issued legal and musical challenges to the space-less Santogold. With me so far?

Well, now, Santogold has backed down, and has re-christened herself Santigold. Which is, frankly, a much worse name; it's a bit like she asked a five year-old what she should be called and got "you oughtta be called what you is, miss santy-gold" in reply.

Also, if Santo Gold believes that Santogold is too close to Santo Gold for comfort, wouldn't Santo Gold be equally close to Santigold anyway?

Still. Santogold is now Santigold, Santo Gold remains Santo Gold, and Aviva is the new name for Norwich Union. If you have any colour supplements from the last twelve months, a junior member of staff from their music desk will call at your house with stickers to change the names in your back issue.