Monday, March 09, 2009

Avast: Mounties take down "pirate"

Rajdeep Singh Ramgotra has been charged with copyright offences after "Canada's largest piracy raid":

The RCMP raided the Pembina Highway offices of Audiomaxxx the morning of March 5, 2008, where police seized about 100,000 pirated CDs and DVDs that were labelled and ready for shipment.

There's a video report - one of the few things remaining on YouTube - which claims:
the operation was burning over 11,000 discs a day, then distributing them in Canada, Europe, Central America and the Carribean.

Which seems odd for all sorts of reasons: why on earth would you bother shipping pirate CDs all round the planet - surely it would be cheaper to make the discs locally? And if they were doing 11,000 a day, and there were 100,000 discs waiting to be sent out, what sort of operation is this which only sends out once every ten days?

Perhaps these questions will all be answered in the trial. Or maybe all the numbers have been grossly inflated.