Saturday, March 07, 2009

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Bob Lefsetz posts a scorching response to the underperforming U2 album:

I saw U2 on Letterman, and what struck me was it was Dave’s show. It was like U2 were members of the peanut gallery, brought up on stage at the end of the telecast to perform for the children. How the fuck did we get here? How the fuck did rock and roll as renegade become I’m gonna do whatever the fuck it takes to try and sell my album. And STILL it doesn’t sell!

Are you stunned that U2 is predicted to sell 450,000 copies of "No Line On The Horizon" this week? You should be. Because despite all the exposure, despite all the banging on people’s heads, most members of the public have shrugged their collective shoulders and moved on, they just don’t care.

U2 is BEGGING us to buy their album. As did Bruce Springsteen a month ago. But it’s not working. Bruce’s album still isn’t gold. Marketing is dead. Because people see it for what it is, a push to close you so the perpetrator can get rich. There’s no message, no hope, no reward, just a coin in the pocket of the "artist".

Where in the Springsteen hype was the declaration that listening to his new album was gonna change your life? U2 moves their corporation out of Ireland to save taxes and President Obama says the rich must pay their share, so that our country can get back on its feet. Who does the rank and file support?

It ain’t Bono and the Edge, no fucking way.