Thursday, March 05, 2009

Gordon in the morning: When heroes clash

We know that Gordon loves U2. We know that Gordon loves Coldplay. So Bono calling Chris Martin "a wanker" on Radio One - before falling back onto the bully's "but, hey, I'm only joking, we all like a laugh, don't we" defence - must upset Gordon, like watching parents fight.

He's thrilled with Chris Martin's response:

CHRIS MARTIN has found the perfect revenge after BONO called him a “w****r” on Radio 1 – playing U2’s track Magnificent as Coldplay walk out on stage in Australia.

Ha! Yes, that'll show Bono - paying him royalties and promoting his bloody awful music. Take that, Bono. You better not get Martin really mad, or it'll be kisses and hugs next.

Hang about... I think the kisses and hugs might be on the way:
[Martin] said: “I always thought he felt that way. I think it’s great that we’re arch enemies – that’s a joke too. We respect any musician, particularly ones who have kept going and not changed line-up and have always been good.”

Incidentally, why is not changing line-up so important? Is it better to keep ploughing on with the original members even if it isn't working? Does this mean all that adoration for The Beatles should be set aside, with their Sutcliffe and Best shedding ways?

Elsewhere, The Official Secrets Act have found a simple way to get some extra coverage - they've got Katie Green in their video. The cost of the coverage, though, is that they've been reduced to supporting act in their own promotion:
Regardless of what the song’s like, the promo’s got to be worth a watch.

The Girl From The BBC deserves better than being watched one-handed with the sound down.