Friday, March 27, 2009

Never mind the Soundgarden reunion, here's Tad

Soundgarden? Back together, you say? Only without Chris Cornell, obviously, you say? Come away, children, there's nothing to see here... unless... who stood in for Cornell?

Tad Doyle?

Seattle Weekly enjoyed itself:

Earlier in the evening, I asked a sort of meatwad security guy if Chris Cornell was in the building...I couldn't help but ask, right? Dude goes (with all seriousness) "Chris Cornell, uh..yeah, that's the guy on stage, right?" Terrible. Anyway, their set was awesome.

Surely the first time anyone has confused Tad with Cornell. Possibly the first time anyone has confused Tad with anything other than a challenge to climbers.

Surely, though, there's nothing more frustrating than having Tad doing Soundgarden stuff when, instead, you could have had Soundgarden doing backing on Tad stuff? Stuff like this: