Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wonka plonks cash

The US Bamboozle tour has just announced a big sponsorship deal with Wonka. Which is Nestle under a name which used to evoke the precise opposite of the corporate, baby-milk flogging behemoth which Nestle suggests.

The Brand Week story which runs the story seems to have confused the real Wonka with the fictional character:

Nestle’s Wonka candy brand will be the presenting sponsor of The Bamboozle, a music festival and 22-market tour featuring No Doubt, Fall Out Boy and other pop-punk groups. Live Nation is producing Bamboozle, which is in its fifth year, and secured the sponsorship deal.

Wonka probably evokes the term “experiential” like no other candy brand thanks to the Ronald Dahl book Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and the 1971 film (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory) that inspired it. It linked to a music event because it is positioned as the festival that connects artists to fans. Wonka will help ensure that by presenting backstage interviews and fan experiences via its Web site and its new SKUs by sampling candy on site.

Yes. They do say Ronald Dahl.


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