Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brand valued at TalkSport

Understandably, TalkSport are all thrilled at the idea of Russell Brand and Noel Gallagher popping up on the TalkSport radio to talk about sport. Very, very excited indeed:

"They are global names," [says TalkSport's Moz] Dee. "He is a Hollywood movie star and Noel belongs to the biggest band in the world. They will bring a level of notoriety to wherever they go. But it wouldn't work if they weren't genuinely passionate about sport and about football.

The first half of that sounds a little bit like a pitch for a Hollywood rom-com, doesn't it? "He was a Hollywood movie star... he was a rock star. But when they came together, it was the perfect kick-off..."

Still, it's nice to see Dee is an equal-opportunities hyperboliser - one middling hit does not a Hollywood movie star make, any more than the largely-ignored-by-America Oasis count as the biggest band in the world.