Thursday, April 30, 2009

Darkness at 3AM: Elton John gets a makeover

Do the 3AM Girls actually understand about music?

This morning, they turn their attention to Elton John:

It is definitely one of Elton John's more unlikely collaborations.

Let's not worry about the extent to which working with DJ Ironik would be "unlikely", given that John has taken the stage with Eminem and Pete Doherty, and has quite a reputation for working with young artists. It's that "collaboration" tag that is misplaced. If the 3AMies had even read their own quote, they might have spotted that:
Last night Elton rang 3am to say: "I'm always incredibly excited when another artist reworks one of my songs.

"I'm thrilled by the reaction it's had."

It's a reworking. It's a sampling. It's not collaborative, any more than if you draw a moustache on the Mona Lisa you're collaborating with Leonardo.

And why did Elton ring up the Mirror to say that any way? Are they sure he rang them?

Still, even in such a short piece, Elt's intervention manages to not be the most pointless quote.
Its success has had a little help from Radio 1's Chris Moyles - who at first hated it. He said: "It's ace."