Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Leonard Cohen to play car park of some sort

What the hell is Mercedes-Benz World, then? It is, as the name suggests, exactly what you'd expect:

As the flagship of Mercedes-Benz in the UK, and located on the famous Brooklands site, Mercedes-Benz World is a memorable day out for any motoring fan.

Not only can you get hands-on with all our cars; you can take the opportunity to test drive the latest models around the handling circuit, or put both the car and your driving skills to the test with one of our various Driving Experiences.

And although driving is our first passion, it's not all we have to offer. Inside, you can take a walk around the exhibitions and get up close to the famous Gullwing and Maybach. In the cinema, you can learn about the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand; and in the simulator you'll be transported down a production line.

It's like a big car lot, then.

A strange choice of venue, then, for an open-air Leonard Cohen gig, you might think. Pity it's too late for Frank Butcher to be MC.