Friday, May 08, 2009

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This was unearthed by the wonderful Speak You're Branes site (reading comments boxes so you don't have to) a couple of weeks back:

I have never bought a record, tape or a DVD/CD in my life. I have had a few bought for me but I refuse to give these so-called pop stars/singers any of my money. There is the radio for listening to music and that is as far as I take it.

I know of people who spend £40-£50 per month on music - quite frankly they are such sad people.

I have never even been to a music concert nor downloaded any music on the web. My money is for ME and not for others to live like lords on it.
Bob Jackson, Newport


Anonymous said...

wow, I feel angered straight away...obviously this person is not creative in any shape or form to appreciate the craft of music, or the hard work that goes into all aspects of getting music out there. I'll wave my sad flag to my grave if it means I keep on spending the Australian equivalent on music each week. Music does not mean artists are financially well off, most work on an instant loss...

Anonymous said...

not strictly anything to do with this story but i thought you may be intrested in this bbc newsbeat report about amy winehouse. written by their the "Newsbeats US reporter in St Lucia"


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