Sunday, May 03, 2009

Britney Spears: That would be crazy how, exactly?

TMZ screeches the breaking-ish news:

Crazy Fan Arrested at Britney Spears Concert

Goodness. Crazy, you say? And how did this craziness manifest itself? Did he wear a hat, or go to the theatre?
Connecticut State Police say the 20-year-old fan -- who they say had definitely been drinking -- was detained after charging on stage during Britney's encore performance of "Womanizer."

Ah. So he got on stage.

Forgive me - my psychology training wasn't the greatest - but how does this actually constitute "crazy"? If he had been trying to pull her hair, maybe there might have been something crazed about the incident. Or, indeed, if he had been running up and down the stage, removing his clothes, blethering about Saint Francis Of Assisi, that might have been an indication of "crazy". But have we come this far, that simply getting on stage is a sign not just of ego-driven nuisance, but also of mental illness?

And he got arrested. Arrested, for getting on stage:
The CSP says after the guy was taken into custody, he was being highly uncooperative -- so they also booked him for interfering with police.

Interfering with police? I guess it's lucky this bloke was only looking to have a bit of a dance, otherwise he'd been getting waterboarding about now.