Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bunnymen in space

Well, that's going to piss off Julian Cope - Ian McCulloch is getting to space before him:

Echo & The Bunnymen are set to launch a copy of their 1984 album Ocean Rain into space.

NASA astronaut Timothy Kopra is set to take a copy of the classic album, his favorite record, with him when he blasts off to the International Space Station on June 13.

Somewhat surprisingly, Yahoo Music News implies that NASA are somehow just part of Warners marketing machine:
The mission ties in with a boxed-set reissue of the album, set for release on May 30. The set will include a live version of the album recorded in the Liverpool Arena last November, plus a DVD documentary and booklet.

This is good news for NASA, who had to cancel the last Shuttle mission when the Bob Dylan album leaked online.


Anonymous said...

Wait a second... didn't Ocean Rain only just get some bonus tracks & live album re-release late last year? Is Ian struggling? You don't see The Teardrop Explodes do as many re-releases!!

Unknown said...

Are they going to the Killing Moon?

Francis said...

A third re-issue??? I's a classic album but are they really expecting people to buy ANOTHER deluxe re-issue?

1. The 25 years Anniversary Issue (of the band not the album) with bonus disk of b-sides etc

2. The 20 year Anniversary Issue (of the album) with bonus disk of Royal Albert Hall 1984 concert

Now this?

Bring on the flogging horses

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