Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Downloadable: Sky Larkin - Your cassette pet

Sky Larkin are poised to release a C60 - yes, a tape - with the following tracklisting:

Side A

01. Antibodies.
02. These are the Bones of Traits and Traitors.
03. LtoR.
04. Matador (Lull’s Channel Switch Remix).
05. Antibodies (J.Xaverre Remix).
06. Keepsakes (Cereal Remix).

Side B
01. Hark to Heart; A Word In Your Shell About Antibodies and Land Art. By Katie Harkin
02. Ten Minutes. By Doug Adams
03. Real Attempts at Internet Dating. by Nestor Matthews

It's all released on 11th May, but if you're not sure if you want to have to dig out the walkman, here's a sample: Matador, downloadable in glorious mp3.