Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Brand and the Bunny

According to Smart this morning, Russell Brand might be seeing someone who worked for failing soft porn empire, Playboy:

Not only that, it’s HOLLY MADISON, former girlfriend of the grandaddy of all legendary swordsmen, Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER.

Or, as the headline puts it:
Is Russ Avenue, Madison?

Which doesn't quite work, but is a good effort.

Since there's probably nothing to the story, and even if there is, there's not very much to it, Gordon is reduced to mumbling:
A source in Vegas said: “Russell has really hit it off with Holly. She’s a big star in the US, which he finds really attractive."

Not to make Brand sound shallow or anything.
“And his constant tomfoolery has her in stitches. Russ has been making late-night visits to her home in the Hollywood Hills."

Tomfoolery? Constant tomfoolery? Does he make apple-pie beds or something?

Elsewhere - and if you don't know how Harry Potter ends, look away now - Gordon has photos from the next movie:
HEARTBROKEN witch Hermione carries elf pal Dobby’s body to the grave in emotional scenes from the final Harry Potter film.

Now, it is just a plastic elf from a children's story about wizards, but clearly the entertainment team has decided to treat the story gently and reflect the emotion poured in to the movie scene by the cast and crew.

Hasn't he?
Drop the dead Dobby

Oh. Maybe not, then.

Gordon, meanwhile, has got his Photoshop team to mock up Michael Jackson as he might look if he was amongst the young cast of High School Musical. Luckily, only from the waist up.

This is because of Kenny Ortega choreographing the Millennium Dome gigs. And Ortega did the dance moves for High School Musical. So, right, it's like Michael hiring the guy from the movies to try and bring that magic in to his world, right, Gordon?
The choreographer, who also worked with Jacko on his Dangerous and HIStory world tours, said: “To be invited to partner him again is a dream come true."

So, rather than "Jackson hires High School Musical man", it's "Jackson continues to work with his long-term collaborator". Presumably, though, it'd be harder for the Photoshop crew to mock up a picture of Jackson looking like Michael Jackson.