Monday, May 11, 2009

Gordon in the morning: A slice of lamb

Given that Jordan's career is built on showing her breasts, it's extraordinary how excited Gordon Smart has got over a photo of her in a low-cut top. It's like making space to run a story about Alex Ferguson being a bit disgruntled.

Mind you, there's signs of scrabbling to fill this morning: George Lamb explaining why he'd not fit in at Radio One is the sort of story that surely only makes the cut when you're desperate for something, anything, to put in. Stuart Pink considers a move to Radio 1 that doesn't seem to exist anywhere outside the article:

He's been touted as a future Radio 1 DJ but the silver fox admits he'd struggle working with set playlists.

George said: "At some point I would like too broaden my horizons.

"Trouble is in some places your so constrained by the music. I could do a weekend show on one of those stations where you have to play dross but if I had to listen to Basshunter everyday I don't think I'd bother."

You don't think being 30 might also prove a little bit of an obstacle?

And, erm, if George would have trouble on a station where playlists were shaping the programming, how does he cope on 6Music with its daytime playlist, exactly?


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