Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Mail attacks Bono

The appearance of Bono's poetry on Radio 4 delights the Daily Mail's Christopher Hart. Because not only does it give a chance to have a go at Bono - which, fair enough, he roundly deserves - but also to indulge in the Mail's in-house sport of kicking the BBC:

Yet Bono still has one little group of ardent fans who think the sun shines out of his well-upholstered behind. Our dear old BBC, which perhaps should henceforth be called the Bono Broadcasting Corporation.

It makes a change, I suppose, from the Bolshevik Broadcasting Company - although this was a joke the Mail was making back during the U2 at the BBC overkill, when it might have been more appropriate.

But just imagine, eh: the Mail - whose online edition is now little more than those celebrity shots that aren't exclusive to OK or Hello - getting all annoyed at a famous person being treated as something special. To be fair, Hart does realise this:
Unfortunately the BBC has long since ceased to inhabit the normal world, and is all too eager to confirm Bono's self-importance at every opportunity. It's true that the Beeb isn't the only section of the media to show a slavish devotion to celebrity culture. But surely the point about the Beeb is that it's supposed to know better.

... so, then, as we scroll past the Mail's teasers for pieces by Ulrika on bras, Julia Roberts in a bikini and so on, are we to assume that the Mail doesn't know better?

[Thanks to @alanconnor]