Friday, May 01, 2009

Pink and pushing

What really caught our eye in the report of Pink turning up to sing for the people filming a T-Mobile advert in Trafalgar Square was the intro:

PINK thrilled thousands of volunteers filming a commercial in London on Thursday (30Apr09) when she made a surprise visit to sing for the crowd.
More than 13,000 members of the public converged in the British capital's Trafalgar Square to participate in a mass singalong for phone company T-Mobile's new TV ad.

"Volunteers"? For a television advert for a mobile phone company?

"Unpaid extras", surely? You volunteer for a charity; if you turn up to appear for nothing in an advert for a company with a £115million annual advertising budget that would make you a schmuck, rather than a volunteer, surely?


meccleshall said...

13,000 - are they sure. that seems a mighty high number.

13,000 is over 3 times the full capacity of Brixton academy, and not that far short of the number of people you can get into O2 Arena....

James said...

"Unpaid extras", surely?Ssh! You'll ruin phase 2 of the plan, in which they invite the nation to a ker-azy flashmob event. It's going to be bonkers! Everyone converges outside this big office and then, on the signal, they all go inside, sit down in one of the cubicles and spend around eight hours answering customer support calls. With 45 minutes for lunch.

It'll be MAD!

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