Monday, May 04, 2009

Thatcher-off: Number two

With Thatcher's cultural legacy now playing for honour alone, we move to to a sniff of the top of the charts.

Number 2, April 1979: Racey - Some Girls

Remember, this was outselling all the 1979 songs we've seen so far, so Callaghan can't be too complacent. Aimed squarely at the Look-In, Non-Threatening-Boys market, the middle prong of the crepe-suits attack alongside Shawaddywaddy and Darts, this was pretty much the same song Racey kept releasing.

1990 is going to have to have a stinker to lose out here.

Number 2, November 1990: The Beautiful South - A Little Time

To be fair, it's hard to see that this record would even have existed had Thatcher not been around. Paul Heaton existed solely in opposition, with even his band's name attuned to the tenor of the times. Plus, it's an excellent song. I can never remember the reason we're supposed to despise The Beautiful South.

1990 wins a round.

Pre-Thatcher: 6; Post-Thatcher: 3