Sunday, May 24, 2009

White Lies see a rosy future

White Lies don't fear no new music industry. They're upbeat about the whole deal:

Singer Harry McVeigh said: "People will always make music; people will always listen to music, so there's demand out there. You’ve just got to figure out how to make enough money from it to do it full time.

"Maybe the music industry wasn’t quick enough on the uptake in terms of downloads – if they’d jumped on a bit more, then maybe they’d be a bit more successful."

Maybe, Harry, maybe. Although the major labels aren't really interested in musicians making money, although they certainly won't object if that is a side-effect of the labels pulling in cash. Assuming they really can't work out a way to rake that money off, too.


Anonymous said...

"You’ve just got to figure out how to make enough money from it to do it full time"Why? Why can't it just be a hobby? Why can't it be something done for the love of it? I'm not saying I have anything against people saying that they want to do music as a full time job and get paid lots of money for doing it but after listening to White Lies I can't say that I'm hearing them putting their whole life behind it. More like some afternoon they spent in sixth form not quite hearing what was great about Joy Division and then trying to poorly replicate that afterwards probably just to get girls. (Actually now that I've read that again it probably just highlights how poor band interviews are these days. Why didn't the interviewer ask them to justify this? Comments are just accepted without question.)

Ok so I don't like White Lies but I suppose it is always nice to see people in (fairly) successful bands acceptant that they have to be looking at other business models. That being said (and this is in no way directed solely at White Lies) I have to say that I do wonder sometimes about how silly these stating the bloody obvious comments sound. It often sounds like they're almost trying to make themselves sound really clever by saying things like "So I've just heard that you can get a computer program called Napster that even works on Windows 98". In fairness to White Lies, they're probably just as tired of being asked questions that people in their industry should've answered when they were still at primary school.

Unknown said...

I'm surprised White Lies are upbeat. About anything.

On a (sort of) related note, The Register reports on Spotify's business: "They complain free music is destroying their income and regularly plead to legislators, regulators and the telecoms providers for help. Then they give away music, not just free, but at great expense."

Francis said...

"You’ve just got to figure out how to make enough money from it to do it full time"yup - and historically the magic solution to this conundrum was to be massively talented and rise to the top through merit...

hard luck chaps

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