Monday, June 22, 2009

50 Cent: And this is me...

The new 50 Cent album features a chunk of Cent doing some spoken word stuff, or 'talking', as it's known. Or 'waffling'.

50 Cent doesn't view this as 'not being arsed to make a proper thing out of the content and just shoving it on the record'. Oh, no; it's a bonus:

"That's when I don't have to be in song format," 50 said last week from his new G-Unit Manhattan office. Yeah, he and his crew packed up from their old 34th Street digs and have a better spot. "I can say exactly what I mean, and people are entertained by that too. That's also a sign that you're a star."

The sign that you're a star is you can propose slapping a load of tosh on the end of your record, and nobody feels able to say 'don't you think this would be better off chucked up on your website rather than demanding cash in return for it'?

The idea of reaching the end of your entertainment and then giving something of yourself - the "and this is me" moment - was part of Mike Yarwood's schtick. Nice to see Fiddy following along in the best traditions of incredibly light entertainment.