Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Breaking news: Conor McNicholas leaves NME for Top Gear

Conor McNicholas, who has been at NME for what feels like a country age, is leaving - he's moving to the BBC Worldwide magazine division, where he's going to take control of Top Gear magazine. It's unlikely Andrew WK will get a double cover there.

No word on who might step up to edit the NME.


Unknown said...

Go on, throw your hat in! ;)

Anonymous said...

Can I throw out a guess that they'll likely hire somebody who is a clone of McNicholas? Chances of actually getting someone to turn the magazine back into something readable? Very low. Still, if the Top Gear TV programme is anything like the magazine then he should fit in pretty well over at that other comic given that the show seems to always be more about the twats driving the cars than the cars themselves, very much like the modern NME. (As you can see, I'm pretty much the only person around who doesn't actually understand what's so great about Top Gear.)

Oh and I second shawndra's suggestion. Go on!

Anonymous said...

You can tell he's left as there's (currently) not a single Pete Doherty or Carl Barat related story on the front page of the NME website.

What's the betting McNicholas will run "Pete's Guide To Driving" as his first feature?

acb said...

That gives a new meaning to the epithet "Men & Motors Indie".

Tim Footman said...

I've always thought that Top Gear is watched/read/consumed by the sort of people who don't have the courage of their convictions to actually vote BNP, but are secretly quite glad when the BNP do well.

Or people who find Jonathan Ross too intellectually challenging.

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