Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is Bono being blocked?

Some unnamed artist is claiming that their most recent records have been blocked from US airplay after he called for radio stations to pay royalties - which, if true, is pretty shabby.

No one involved will name the recording artist, but his no-play treatment by several radio stations is alleged in a complaint filed with the Federal Communications Commission and obtained by The Associated Press. It claims recording artists are being threatened and intimidated.

In the filing, the musicFIRST Coalition says the top-selling artist — there are hints it could be U2 frontman Bono — recently released a new album and spoke during April in support of an effort to require radio stations to pay musicians royalties similar to those paid to songwriters.

On the other hand: if it is Bono, can he be sure the more recent, dreadful U2 stuff was being blackballed and merely not getting airplay because nobody wanted to hear it?


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