Monday, June 15, 2009

Nolans: They were big in Japan, you know

The coming back of bands you thought broken before belief continues: now here comes The Nolans. Again.

ContactMusic sees this as important:

British pop group THE NOLANS have reunited for the first time in more than 25 years - with plans for a comeback tour later this year (09).

The first time in 25 years? But they were on Brookside, weren't they?

It turns out that when ContactMusic says "25 years", it actually means, erm, four:
The singing sisters began their career in 1974 as a five-piece - Anne, Denise, Maureen, Linda and Bernie, with younger sibling Coleen joining in 1980.
Denise was first to quit the band, leaving in 1978, followed by Linda in 1983. Coleen and Bernie left in the 1990s, while Maureen and Anne, together with Anne's daughter Amy and unrelated singer Julia Duckworth, carried on the group until they disbanded in 2005.

ContactMusic tries to suggest that the fact they've barely had a chance to drop their stage outfits round the dry cleaners isn't that important:
But now four of the original group are back - Coleen, 44, Bernie, 48, Linda, 50, and Maureen, 55 - to play a string of U.K. dates to mark the 30th anniversary [of I'm In The Mood For Dancing].

But you just said that Coleen wasn't an original member.

But they were big in Japan.

And let's never forget that they did this:

Yes, that's the Nolans doing Panic on Tonight With Jonathan Ross.


James said...

Tsk! Forget the Nolans, Bernie. Everyone's way more interested in seeing you reform late-80s Saturday-morning sketch-frenzy 'On the Waterfront'. 'The Flashing Blade' was aces.

I'm sure Kate Copstick could find the time.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I'm presuming, James, you would have heard Copstick on Today in her new role as owner of the Erotic Review? She was being pitted against Kathy Lette, in a discussion so lightweight that it is being offered as a diet food in the canteen.

Still, it would be nice if they could bring it back. Short-lived BBC Brunswick Dock studios and all.

M.C. Glammer said...

"Gotta Pull Myself Together" was ace. Okay, I was going through an ironic phase but that and Sheena's "One Man Woman" were ironically good.

Tim Footman said...

Is Coleen wearing leather chaps?

Cripes, I think she may be.

James said...

@simonhb Crikey, now you mention it, I do remember hearing Copstick had moved from wholesome children's TV (she was one of my favourite Play School Humty-handlers) into the world of adult literature. I hadn't been that shocked since I saw that photo of Jeannette Krankie in Razzle Readers' Wives. Imagine my surprise! I'd always assumed that was his mischeivous 10 year-old son.

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