Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Politicians! You've killed Macca's faith

Oh, as if the total mess of British politics wasn't shameful enough, with all the MPs busily claiming for remembrance day wreaths and floating homes for ducks, things are now so bad that Paul McCartney has lost his faith. Yes, even Paul McCartney:

The former Beatle said Britain was in urgent need of an "Obama-like figure" to help interest and inspire people, but he could not see on the horizon.

Sir Paul, 67, who has previously claimed he turned the other members of his former band on to politics, said: "There was no one who inspired me or who I thought was worthy."

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, he said: "There is not much idealism around these days. What with all these politicians fiddling their expenses, I think most people feel, like me, there is not a lot left to believe in."

The Telegraph is certain it was talking to Paul McCartney, but admits that after he'd said "all as bad as one another, ain't they?" he turned round, switched off the "For Hire" sign and drove them to Bermondsey, so they can't be completely sure.