Saturday, June 27, 2009

Returning Hole: "First I've heard" says Auf Der Maur

There's been some - not very much, but a little - excitement over the news that Courtney Love's new disappointing album will be released as a disappointing Hole album rather than a disappointing solo one.

Why, it's even going to have Melissa Auf Der Maur on it. What more proof could you need of how Hole-y this Hole album will be?

Oh... hang on a moment, though:

"We have not been in touch too much," Auf der Maur recently told Explore magazine. "We've been in touch this year after 10 years of no contact, I will say that." Though Love remains her "soul sister", Auf der Maur said her contributions to Love's new album are due to the involvement of producer Michael Beinhorn, who also worked on the final Hole record.

"Michael Beinhorn and I had an incredible working relationship on Celebrity Skin," Auf der Maur said. "And he called me and asked me if I would sing on [Courtney's] new solo record – which is what I understood it was. And I said 'Yes' because I enjoy working with him and ... well, she and I have a history of making music together. And I'm happy to visit her again in the future."

But rights to the band name aside, Auf der Maur believes this isn't a Hole project. "I think you can't take a Hole reunion that lightly. It's gonna take a little more organising than just 'I'll come and sing some backups and then we got Hole.'"

Unfortunately, that's probably not going to stop Courtney slapping the name on the record, is it?

Just for fun, you might like to imagine the rambling Courtney MySpace post you'd get if Auf Der Maur had done the same thing in reverse.