Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Darkness at 3AM: Boots, Saturdays and Tweets

Here's how 3AM are covering a supposed airline incident featuring Little Boots and The Saturdays:

She may be a pop princess but there was stamping of Little Boots at a Heathrow check-in when the Lancs lass was refused an upgrade.

Little Boots - real name Victoria Hesketh - was gutted when she was told there would be no superstar treatment for her on the 11-hour Virgin flight to LA. Then to make matters worse she heard a rumour her pals The Saturdays had been moved to Upper Class on the same flight. But Frankie from the girl band assured the Blackpool singer there had been no special treatment for them either. The Saturdays were flying out to record material for their new album and speak to record companies about cracking the US. But even with their huge workload Virgin would not budge.

Wow, how do the 3AM Girls get these stories?

In this case, apparently by reading Twitter, and making up large piles of stuff to go round it.

This is what Little Boots tweeted:
ON SAME PLANE AS THE SATS! This flight just got a whole lot better.

Maybe I can dress up as 6th member and try get an upgrade?? I can so a good rendition of Up!! Flight is too full though :(

And this is what Frankie from The Saturdays said:
@iamlittleboots oh no don't worry were right there with you. No upgrade for us

Perhaps the reason the Mirror didn't want to acknowledge the source of their "story" was because the reality was it was a bit of good-natured mucking about; no 'rumours'; no stamping of feet.

Or perhaps the 3AM Girls are reluctant to point out to their readership that they could actually get the stories 24 hours earlier, for free, by reading Twitter.