Saturday, July 18, 2009

Embed and breakfast man: Spare Snare

To celebrate the mighty Spare Snare's live session on Marc Riley's programme last Thursday [iPlayerable until next Thursday], let's spend some time looking at them doing stuff on video, shall we?

Cruelly blamed for Snow Patrol - which is like telling the Earl Of Sandwich he has to take the blame for those things they sell on trains - Spare Snare have been, on and off, doing interesting and lovely things for nearly two decades now.

This is them doing some of those interesting and lovely things in a studio last year:

Spare Snare online
Spare Snare official site
Spare Snare MySpace
Spare Snare at Last FM
Spare Snare on Wikipedia
Spare Snare live at WMBR 1995

Learn To Play
Love Your Early Stuff
Charm/Live At Home

More video to come
As A Matter Of Fact
Live at the Dundee Virgin Megastore

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peenko said...

FYI I ripped a copy of the session which you download

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