Friday, July 31, 2009

The Kershaws never leave quietly

If you ever find one of the Kershaw siblings sat in your prebooked train seat, it might be wise to find somewhere to stand, as the vortex thrown up by their departure is more uncomfortable than the other option.

Liz Kershaw has just been asked to step aside from the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire breakfast show. She hasn't taken it well, circulating an email to all her colleagues (yes, colleagues, as she's still got a show on the station):

"New era eh? How sensitive to someone's feelings after 4 years of dedication and professionalism.

"I think a presenter who has put in so much and has been so publicly humiliated already by the BBC deserves better. Among their colleagues. [sic]

"Good job the listeners are wise to what's going on and more sympathetic. Watch your back Cath. Beware the Ides of March etc. Could be your turn next. Will tell you more when we meet in September. Liz."

"So publicly humiliated by the BBC"? Is that a reference to how she was prerecording 6Music programmes with faked competitions, and yet somehow managed to keep her job while all around her were losing hers?

Let's hope she never teams up with Marilyn Manson to form a revenge force.


Anonymous said...

Kershaw seems to think that people are on her side. Listeners are in the main very glad to see that she has gone,it should have happened a long time ago.Its not the first email she has sent,she also sent one that moaned about her coworkers as she didnt like what was in the show (not enough about her) and also called the station a sinking ship....

Who does she think she is?Its time she just moved on now.She is not wanted.Why she has been allowed to keep a Sunday show beggars belief.

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