Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The occupied Empire

It's lovely to see Sneaky Sound System's Donnie Sloan get credits on the Empire Of The Sun stuff.

It's just a pity it appears to have taken the threat of lawyers for his involvement to be acknowledged:

Sloan, based in London, used a UK legal team to get writer, performer and producer credits. He says: "It did not quite get to the legal stage.

"But I had to threaten it in order for them to recognise my contribution. It has been a bittersweet experience. But I have worked hard to move on."

It turns out that Sloan hadn't actually been expecting EOTS to be using his music in the first place:
Sloan claims he gave the tracks to Nick Littlemore, of electro-pop duo Pnau, for remix consideration.

"I told Nick I didn't want him to use the tracks. I was hoping to save them for my own project," Sloan says.

Two years later, Littlemore formed EOTS with Luke Steele and Sloan's songs resurfaced.

Sloan said Steele, Littlemore, and his Pnau partner, producer Peter Mayes, planned to use the tracks for EOTS.

It's all a bit disappointing. Even the supposedly happy ending doesn't sound that happy, does it?