Monday, July 13, 2009

Rough Trade found in Top Shop

Here's an interesting approach to the drop in sales of physical music - Rough Trade is going to take space inside some branches of Top Shop to sell CDs and such:

Stephen Godfroy, director of Rough Trade Retail Group, said, of the decision:

“[it] supports Rough Trade’s belief that the CD format is as popular as ever [and] that it is largely the poor high street retail of CDs that is to blame for declining sales on this format."

Well, perhaps - although something that people would head three or four doors down the street to buy which now has to be taken to them in order to persuade them to buy isn't quite saying "as popular as ever" to me. If once you would swim oceans for your passion, and now only cuddle because they're there, I'd say you might actually be cooling in your ardour.

Let's hope I'm just wrong and overly cynical.


Francis said...
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Francis said...

Interesting - but you would expect that clothes shops will also be seeing a decline in footfall due to people buying their togs online / for peanuts in the Supermarket.

If I were in his position I would at least be aiming to buy a concession somewhere that has no online competition. A Hairdresser? You can't get your haircut online can you? You can browse while you wait to be seen. No good for bald bastards like me though

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