Saturday, September 05, 2009

Anti-filesharing group take more relaxed approach to actual property

BREIN, the Dutch copyright group, have been throwing their weight around a bit lately. Because sharing a musical file is morally on a par with stealing somebody's property, right? Like pinching a laptop off somebody.

Funny thing, though, because Tim Kuik who runs BREIN has been bragging about how he uses a laptop "confiscated from a hacker".

When invited to explain how he came to be using somebody else's property, he went all vague:

“It was once confiscated from a hacker,” Kuik added, noting that he couldn’t give out any more info because of the type of people his organization deals with.

Odd that. If he legitimately owned the laptop, I can't see there'd be any reason to not be a bit more explicit about how that ownership came about. Likewise, if he has some sort of way of making it seem alright in his head - although isn't the ability to construct a moral justification for their behaviour what the Intellectual Property industry condemn filesharers for?